Business Trip and Development  Brazil

Business Trip and Development Brazil

January 8-16, 2022 - Sao Paulo / Rio de Janeiro


During the 8-day trip to Brazil, we will experience the opportunity to get acquainted and learn from another emerging and advanced economy of the world. The introductory dinner party of Iranian CEOs and top Brazilian executives will provide a unique opportunity to facilitate the export and import of your favorite products and services. Attending "Insper" as the top university in the South American region and participating in training seminars will provide you good opportunities to learn from the business growth and development methods, and will enable you to emulate and be inspired by the success of leading Brazilian companies. Visiting the commercial and cultural centers of Sao Paulo and the spectacular beaches of Copacabana and the statue of Christ the Redeemer will be other exciting attractions of this trip. We will also stay at the luxury 5-star hotels of Tivoli (Sao Paulo) and Fairmont (Rio de Janeiro).



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