Mindfulness and Meditation Conference

Mindfulness and Meditation Conference

November 7-12, 2021 /The beautiful island of Bali


Continuing the mindfulness and stress management and meditation tours that were held in the Maldives and Tibetan forests in the past years, in November 2021, we travel to the beautiful island of Bali (Paradise Island) and stay in the luxurious 5-star Westin Hotel. In the dense and beautiful forests of the island, with the presence of 3 prominent professors and internationally renowned instructors, we will learn and practice the methods, techniques, and tools of mindfulness, stress management, inner happiness, and peace of mind and soul. Meditation exercises at sunrise will be one of the most remarkable parts of this educational trip. In recent years, mindfulness and peace of mind trips have been selected as the best club trips by members.


Practice Meditation & Stress Management

Experience True Happiness

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